Thursday, March 8, 2012

Space Talk at Corning Museum of Glass

At the Corning Museum of Glass, we listened to an astronaut named Cady Coleman. On her 1st flight into space, she orbited the earth 200 times. She plays the flute. She says, "To be an astronaut, you must be something else first."

    When she went to the ISS,(International Space Station) the Russian on her crew didn't smile in his official picture, because that's what Russians do, I guess.(He was happy, though :) They don't take showers and they can be on the ISS for months at a time! They go #1 in a funnel, and it gets recycled and they drink it!!!!! Yuk!!!
     When something outside breaks, they have to go outside and fix it. They also have to do plenty of health tests, because they aren't walking, they are floating! One guy played baseball ... by himself!!! He threw the ball, floated under it, batted it with a flashlight, and floated after the ball, and caught it in a front-flip!(I think that would be awesome!)
      They eat things like beef stew, chicken, beef, and (my favorite) mac-n-cheese. Their sleeping bags are hooked to the wall, and they sleep (in the sleeping bag, of course) standing up! (I wouldn't like that one bit)
Cady played a flute duet in space with someone on earth. They go around the earth 16 times a day, with 45 minutes of day, and 45 minutes of night per go-around. That would be 16 bedtimes a day! (of course they don't have that many bedtimes) They land in a capsule with a parachute, and people meet them at their landing place in Russia. That was the space talk! Oh, yeah. There were gummy bears floating in the air, and someone grabbed them with their mouth and ate them.  -Haley


  1. Excellent! What about the gummy bears?

  2. Wow Haley, I feel like I was there...phew, makes me tired!

  3. No showers, gross. They must be really smelly when they get back to earth. And I won't even comment on the entire water thing. I mean I know that is basically what the water cycle does, but that is a bit too close for comfort. EWWWWW!
    Gummy bears??? I am curious.

  4. she showed a video of herself throwing gummy bears, and she ate them without using her hands