Sunday, May 26, 2013


     The bunnies at Holly Mist Rabbitry (BTW, I haven't told you about that) are doing great.
     Holly Mist Rabbitry is a rabbitry,(a place where you breed and sell rabbits) that my friend +Brianna Cochran, her friend (not her real aunt), Aunt Sue, and I started. We have our own Google+ page: +Holly Mist Rabbitry. Also, we have a website, and a blog, Check these out if you want to buy a bunny! Some new babies were born recently, and they are ADORABLE!!!!!!!! We also have some bigger bunnies for sale. Email us at for more information.



     The corn in our fields is sprouting up. It's about as big as these exclamation points.
So, when you drive by, it looks like a giant green carpet.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


So, the people we rent our farm to, two days ago they plowed and disked. Yesterday, they picked rocks, disked, and sprayed something. Today, they (just now, for a fact) brought out the corn planter! They sure work fast. (and get up early!)