Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Here is another Greek Myth in my own words.
Hmmm...I wonder if you've heard it before.

Pygmalion and His Wife
     Pygmalion was sad as he chipped away at the cold marble in front of him. He was a clever sculptor, but he couldn't find a wife.
     One day, a friend was watching him work on the statue. "Why are you so sad? There are plenty of girls to marry!"
      "Yes, but I don't like any of them. Some of them are pretty, but cold hearted. I don't want a bad marriage.
     He kept on working, and finally, after weeks of hard work, he was finished. Pygmalion had sculpted a statue of a very beautiful girl. Every day, he fell in love even more with the stone creation. He hung a garland of flowers around her neck.
     A special festival for Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was later that week. Pygmalion asked her if she could make the statue in his workshop come alive. He trudged home, sad and discouraged. Aphrodite heard him, and decided to help him.
     The next morning, Pygmalion walked into his shop, and he noticed that his statue was different. He touched the statue's cheek, but instead of being cold marble, it was human flesh. The stiff body moved, and Pygmalion fell on his knees and thanked Aphrodite for listening to him. Pygmalion called the girl Galatea, and married her. They both lived a happy life together. Finally, Pygmalion was happy.

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  1. I read these stories in a book called Usborne's Book of Greek Myths. Then I outline them, and then write it in my own words.

  2. Neeto!!!!! I loved the story!

    ~ Brianna Cochran

  3. Very good honey. I find it ironic that he doesn't want a cold hearted wife but then makes one out of cold hard marble. Very interesting story.