Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stories from my own mind

Be Anything

If you travel to Wyoming, you will find the horse farms there astonishingly beautiful. They are dusty, grassy, and very large and enjoyable. On one of these farms there was a Pinto horse named Fearless, and a Quarter horse named Spots. There also was a Draft horse named Pete, a Shetland Pony named Cookie, and their owner, Eva. Eva was a barrel racer. Astonishingly, they were able to understand each other, even though they didn't speak each other's language.

     Fearless wanted to be a bucking bronco, but he didn't know how!
"Oh, how will I ever be in the rodeo?" he worries.
"You are only good for giving children pony rides." Cookie criticized.
"Spots will teach you how!" Pete exclaimed excitedly.
"Yay! Now I will learn to be a bucking bronco!" yelled Fearless. He practiced numerous times a day, which helped him improve. Sneakily, Eva watched him the whole time.
"Wow! What a great bronco!" she thought.
     They waited endlessly to see if Fearless was chosen for the rodeo. Finally, Eva ran up to them and gasped, "I have astonishing news! Fearless was chosen to be in the rodeo!"
"Yippee!" they all shouted. (except for Cookie, who criticized, as you can imagine)
Fearless went on to be a great bronco, and won many prizes. He learned that you can be anything if you work hard to be what you want to be.


  1. This was for school. Hahahahahahahaha.

  2. That was wonderful! It was a full and complete story according to everything I am learning in my Literature class. Good characters, a goal, a struggle, a climax, and a satisfying conclusion. Very good job Haley. Love Auntie Duchess