Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shanghai Circus

Well, my crazy Uncle Ken wanted to take us to the Shanghai Circus, a group of Chinese acrobats that are very cool. Look them up online! So, UK got me and Macy Chinese yo-yos that are REALLY hard to do.

Big Cedar Lodge

So, the whole point of all of my family getting together was to have a family meeting. Big Cedar Lodge was a hunters' paradise!! It was built by Bass Pro Shops, so, you know what I mean. After the meeting, they had a lunch for us, and it was GREAT!!! There was roast chicken or beef, I really don't know which one, corn muffins, and blueberry cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream that was heavenly. Here is one of the chairs there, but the real pillows were brown. (drawn by me)


So, on March 24, we did the HITS triathlon series open race. Who, exactly is 'we'? Me, Macy, and mom. The open race had a 100 meter swim, 3 mi. bike, and 1 mi. run. Macy got second place in her age group, mom got first in hers, and I got first in mine!! (I beat a 15 year old.) also, instead of sharpie number writing, we had a tattoo that took a WEEK to get off. There was one on our arm, and one on our leg.

Branson KOA

So, our campground was the Branson KOA. It had a bounce pillow that wasn't very soft. Your back hurt if you did a seat drop. Well, with our cousins, second cousins, aunt, uncle, and grandma and grandpa, (I'll list names in a second) we had cookouts. My cousin-in-law Ryan brought pineapple brown sugar bratwursts that were really good. Okay, I'll list names now.
My grandma- Nana My grandpa- Fred. My aunt- Auntie. My uncle- UK. My cousin and his wife and their two kids- Michael, Sarah, Mckenzie, and baby Micah. My other cousin and her husband and their two kids- Crystal, Ryan, Ryder, and Trystan. My other cousin and his wife and their three kids- Mason, Gabby, Gabe, Bella, and Brayden (Booboo). There, that is all of the names of my family. Crystal's family and UK and us stayed out late and sat by the fire and toasted marshmallows. Nana has a dog named Luke, and Auntie has a dog named Bebe. I think.

Bake sales

So, in case you're wondering, my bake sale money total for my Sunday school is *drumroll* $84.50!!!!!