Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Okay, we are still in Florida!

Okay, as you can see, by the title, where we are. I am already getting a plan in my head about what I will do when I get home.

-Clean my room, and organize it top to bottom.(Sounds like me!)
-Ride my horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Train Geegee (A picture is at the bottom of the page)

The first one is Geegee, and the second one is Gus.


 Have you read a book called 'The School Story'? It's really good!

- The girl writes a book
- her friend wants her to publish it
-the girl's mom works at a publishing company
-the girl doesn't want favoritism so her book would get published, so she uses a pseudonym and has her friend as an agent

Also, a book called 'A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver' by E.L. Konigsburg?
The setting in the beginning is a little wierd, because the main character is in Heaven, and she is waiting for her husband to come Up, and her three friends tell her story, and that is pretty much the story, and at the end she tells her own story. The lady's name is Eleanor. The husband's name is Henry. Eleanor was mother to King Richard the Lionhearted, whom you have problably heard about, and Prince John in Robin Hood. Again, READ THE BOOK!!!!!

There. Tell me your favorite books if you want to! Thanks!

Flying School, a play by Macy

     Okay, you have to read this play, written by my sister, (I also put in some things) it is so funny.
http://bookcrazykids.blogspot.com . It's on my mom's blog. READ IT!!! (It also has bad poachers in it!) (and they are funny)