Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Museum Part

When we were done with the astronaut talk, we walked around the museum.The first thing we saw was a green Chevrolet truck. The bed was filled with purple, blue, yellow, orange, pink, white, red, and frosted white. There also was transparent purple, blue, yellow, orange, pink white, and red flowers. In one part, there was a glass periodic table and a 6ft diameter copper wire. The copper wire takes as much power as a single optic wire thread to transmit info.

     The speed of light goes fastest through air, slower through water, and slowest through glass. Macy lost her bag in the giant black egg, and they had to take out a floor panel to get it.

     We went to a glass show where they blow glass. It was really cool. There was a bowl, and the lady put it in the heating oven and spinned it faster, and it turned into a platter thingy. The glass-blowing furnace had been running non-stop since September 2008! The guy said the microphone gave him an Australian accent, but I think he was pretending.

     We saw a giant bowl of fruit that had a pear, apple,orange, lemon, and a peach. There was a fish lamp and a squid lamp, and a thing that looked like coral. There also were tiny glass houses with glass knives raining down on them.(Which I don't understand) There were giant flower petals, a glass ball that looked like it was made of yarn, and a mish-mash of dishes and vases(In one sculpture). Also there was a giant swirled plate, a glass TIRE, a bead as big as Grace's fist, and a pretty turquoise vase.

     A blowing glass factory scene was there, too. There was a giant glass tube that I could fit into, a giant crystal vase,(I know, this sounds boring, but it was really cool!) and a giant blue, white, and red candy cane.

     The next thing we saw was a coral reef in a ball,Tiffany stained glass, a bajillion  paperweights, a bunch of glass chairs, a Jewish and Roman Catholic chess board, where the chess pieces were made to look like Bishops and Rabbis. A bajillion vases, an 'Ionic structure of glass',(does anyone know what 'Ionic' means?) a glass bear, a glass marble toy thingy, and a huge green fern statue.

     We did sand blasting. You put stickers on a bowl, cup, mug, jar, or plate. I did a bowl and put 'Haley' on the bottom of it.Then you spray it with sand in a special machine. After that, we looked very briefly at the Frederick Curat (I think) gallery. There were blue, gold, white, green, pink, purple, red, orange, and frosted glass. The room was almost as big as a baseball field! So that was our fun day!                                                                      -Haley

John 13:34
A new command I give you: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must
love one another.


  1. Wow, I'm tired just reading all that we saw. We should figure out how to add pictures.

  2. Adding pictures is easy. It is on the template where you write your post.
    Sounds like you had a great day. I am still waiting for my ice cream delivery :)

  3. The picture on the top is the bowl of fruit, the ball that looks like yorn, the glass blowing scene, us doing sandblasting, my sandblasted bowl, and the squid lamp.