Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Trojan Horse

This is a story of the Trojan Horse in my own words.

     "Hurry!", whispered Odeysseus, "Get in the horse! They will come for it soon!"
Odeysseus and nine other soldiers climbed into the horse, shut the trapdoor, and waited.
    Everyone in Troy was rejoicing that the Greeks had left after a long and terrible war. A young boy had soon spotted the horse and was yelling, "Everyone, look! Look! A war gift from the Greeks!"
    "Let's bring it into the city!" A Trojan yelled.
     Barely heard abve the racket, a soldier yelled, "Open the gates!"
The great oaken gates swung open, and the horse, which was to destroy the city, was wheeled in.
     "Get out. Hurry! Open the gates. The signalman just signaled that the rest are here!" Odeysseus breathed.
     "Yes, sir!  I'll go open the gates." A soldier named Arioles said.
     "Good. Then hopefully, if everything goes well, we'll see you on the ship."
  Suddenly, there was a great clamoring of armor, and thousands of Greeks came charging in, to the suprise of the Trojans.
     "Odeysseus!" A voice yelled.
     Odeysseus turned and looked at who was speaking. " Arioles!"
     "Odeysseus! Take this torch and throw it into the palace!"
     "Yes, now go! Hurry!"
Odeysseus threw the torch, and Troy went down in flames. Troy was destroyed all because of one wooden horse.

I appreciate your comments on this. Thanks!     -fingerlakeshorsegirl


  1. I had to write this for school, but it was so fun to write!