Saturday, October 19, 2013

Niagara Falls Field Trip

So, today we got back from a fun Niagara Falls Field trip with a local co-op. It was fun. We also got to sleep in an aquarium.
      We all rode on Maid of the Mist, and then we all talked and Hannah, our leader, gave us our tickets for Cave of the Winds so we could do it whenever we wanted. So me, my mom, our friend Mandy, and her mom (we carpooled) all walked back to the car and ate lunch (btw, we got up at 6 to drive there. {21\2 hours}) and then decided to go get some souvenirs, and then go to Cave of the Winds. Man, that was cool! Our friends told us to roll up our pants as high as we could, so they wouldn't get wet. (I wore shorts) We got a yellow poncho, and off we went! (Fun fact: they take it apart every year so it won't fall apart under the 70ft. of ice every year, and then put it back together) So, we started out a little bit wet, and then when we went up on the 'Hurricane Deck', it really was like a hurricane! We got soaked!!!! (REALLY soaked) It was fun, though. After that, we went into a gift shop and looked around, and guess what I found? You know those street signs that have your name on it? Well, I found one that said 'HALEY AVE.', and I never find one that has my name spelled right!!! And then we went and ate dinner at Hard Rock CafĂ©, and then headed over to the aquarium. I slept next to the sea lion tank. They barked a lot. Mandy's air mattress deflated during the night, so she was sleeping on the floor! It was really fun.

TobyMac & Michael Vey

      I just bought another TobyMac album: 'Eye on It'. I LOVE it!!! I am currently listening to it right now, actually.

I am in a book club, and the book for this month is Michael Vey, and I finished it in one day!!! It is sooooooooooooo good. It's science fiction.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Boston, Day 2

Hello again! I have the stuff from the second day of our trip to Boston.
     So again, we took the train from our campground into South Station. We walked (well, it wasn't too bad) to Boston Common, where we looked at the Robert Gould Shaw 54th Massachusetts Regiment Memorial from the Civil War. Pretty cool. After the Common, we walked (across the street) to Massachusetts State House. In WWII, they painted the golden dome black, for fear the gold would reflect the light, and get bombed during a blackout. It must've looked pretty funny. After the State House, we walked to the Granary Burying Ground. Paul Revere, Sam Adams, Ben Franklin's parents, and a lot of other people are buried there. My sister didn't like the graveyards at all.
     After that, we walked all the way to King's Chapel, which was pretty cool. They still have church services there, in the old box pews. The box pews were there because in the winter, each family brought their own hot brick, so the high walls of the pews helped keep the heat in. After King's Chapel, we walked to the site of the first public school, with a statue of Ben Franklin. The Old South Meeting House was next. Sam Adams talked there, along with many other people. There is box pews there, too. When the British occupied that building, they tore up all the pews and stuff, and turned it into a riding school. As much as I like riding, that's just plain MEAN!!
     The Old State House was next. They turned it into a museum, with plenty of hands-on activities in there. The "T"(subway) runs right under the building, so every five minutes or so, you can feel it rumbling. Outside, they were doing a reenactment of something, and there was this guy who was pretending to be George Washington. He was so tall, I swear he really could've been G.W.'s descendant.(maybe) In front of the State House, you could see the site of the Boston Massacre. The event was running through my head, I was picturing it as I stood there.
     The next stop was supposed to be Faneuil Hall, but as you know, we already went there.  So, we went to Paul Revere's house. We walked through it, and I couldn't believe how 15 children could fit in there (yes, Paul Revere had 15 children. Next, we went to Old North Church, and like King's Chapel, it had box pews and still have services. We decided to skip Copp's Hill burying ground, because Macy had had enough of graveyards (even though we only went in one, and looked in two). We walked to the nearest "T" station, (haymarket) rode to downtown crossing, and finally to South Station. That concludes our trip to Boston!

 Sugar Cones. This is how sugar came. In the Old State House museum.


 A musket with bayonet found at Bunker Hill (OSH museum)


 A bottle containing tea found in the boots of Thomas Melvill's boots.


 A musket and cannonball found at Bunker Hill.

John Hancock's coat, and the key to the Council Chamber.




 The Treaty of Paris

Paul Revere Statue

I can't believe how confusing that is!!



Thursday, October 3, 2013


On an earlier post, someone said I needed a picture of Geegee(my mom). If I already didn't put one, than here's one. The horse in the back is my sister's mini, Elle.

Boston Freedom Trail Day one

     Hi! So, recently, (last week(end)) we went to Boston, to walk the Freedom Trail. And walk we did!!! We walked so much, I should say we walked 5 miles! (maybe) Anyhow, we took the train from our campground (which had an indoor pool) to South Station in Boston. From there, on the first day, we walked allllllllllllllllllllll the way to Faneuil Hall, because there is an artillery company, (Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co. Massachusetts) which can trace its roots alllllll the way back to 1638!!!! They had FOUR machine guns, which were pretty cool. They had lots of other guns, too. This was on the fourth floor of Faneuil Hall. Faneuil Hall in itself was pretty cool, too. It was unbelievable to think that you were standing in the same room as Samuel Adams, and some other pretty cool people.
     The next place we went to was the USS Constitution, in the Charleston Navy Yard. It is the oldest commissioned warship afloat today, it STILL sails. It was built before or during the War of 1812. We took a tour, so we got to go below deck. The sailors had put in florescent lights for themselves, but when the original sailors had NO lighting, NO ventilation, and it was VERY cramped. (I had about 8 or 9 inches from the top of my head to the ceiling) How would you like that?
     After that, we walked to the Bunker Hill Monument, on (obviously) Bunker Hill. Did you know that there is a 294 step monument there? Can you guess what we did next??? Bet you can't guess!!! -------We climbed it!!!! (see face to left ) Yep, you probably guessed it. Well, my thighs were burning, but the view was cool. In the middle, there was something like a drain grate, and you could SEE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE MONUMENT!!! Yep, it was pretty tall. I took a picture from the bottom, all the way up to the top. See the white dot? That's the top. Yeah... that's really the top... Cool, huh?
     Well, that was the end of day one. I'll do day two on another post.
(sorry, the Bunker Hill monument got posted twice) BTW, we took the water taxi back. That's the bottom picture.