Friday, January 4, 2013


          My Dad wanted to have a THREE MONTH vacation to Florida. So, we are currently IN Florida, in our camper. This is our 6th day here. Yesterday, it was raining, and today, well, I don't know the weather. I'm sure you want to know where we are, right? We are in Ocala, Florida. My Grandpa lives in The Villages, about 30 minutes away. When we were visiting my Uncle, I caught my toe on a sea wall, and a shell cut through my toe and my toenail. I had to go to urgent care, and get three stitches! It happened on Wednesday. It is sooooooo hard to NOT bump it, because it is in SUCH a vulnerable place. MY FOOT!! My Uncle lives in Madeira Beach, near St. Petersburg. They have a BEAUTIFUL beach there.

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