Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Branson KOA

So, our campground was the Branson KOA. It had a bounce pillow that wasn't very soft. Your back hurt if you did a seat drop. Well, with our cousins, second cousins, aunt, uncle, and grandma and grandpa, (I'll list names in a second) we had cookouts. My cousin-in-law Ryan brought pineapple brown sugar bratwursts that were really good. Okay, I'll list names now.
My grandma- Nana My grandpa- Fred. My aunt- Auntie. My uncle- UK. My cousin and his wife and their two kids- Michael, Sarah, Mckenzie, and baby Micah. My other cousin and her husband and their two kids- Crystal, Ryan, Ryder, and Trystan. My other cousin and his wife and their three kids- Mason, Gabby, Gabe, Bella, and Brayden (Booboo). There, that is all of the names of my family. Crystal's family and UK and us stayed out late and sat by the fire and toasted marshmallows. Nana has a dog named Luke, and Auntie has a dog named Bebe. I think.

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