Saturday, October 19, 2013

Niagara Falls Field Trip

So, today we got back from a fun Niagara Falls Field trip with a local co-op. It was fun. We also got to sleep in an aquarium.
      We all rode on Maid of the Mist, and then we all talked and Hannah, our leader, gave us our tickets for Cave of the Winds so we could do it whenever we wanted. So me, my mom, our friend Mandy, and her mom (we carpooled) all walked back to the car and ate lunch (btw, we got up at 6 to drive there. {21\2 hours}) and then decided to go get some souvenirs, and then go to Cave of the Winds. Man, that was cool! Our friends told us to roll up our pants as high as we could, so they wouldn't get wet. (I wore shorts) We got a yellow poncho, and off we went! (Fun fact: they take it apart every year so it won't fall apart under the 70ft. of ice every year, and then put it back together) So, we started out a little bit wet, and then when we went up on the 'Hurricane Deck', it really was like a hurricane! We got soaked!!!! (REALLY soaked) It was fun, though. After that, we went into a gift shop and looked around, and guess what I found? You know those street signs that have your name on it? Well, I found one that said 'HALEY AVE.', and I never find one that has my name spelled right!!! And then we went and ate dinner at Hard Rock Café, and then headed over to the aquarium. I slept next to the sea lion tank. They barked a lot. Mandy's air mattress deflated during the night, so she was sleeping on the floor! It was really fun.

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  1. Not today, but on the 6th. This was a draft and I didn't know it! ;P