Saturday, November 2, 2013

More Michael Vey, and other stuff

I read another Michael Vey book, book 2. I am in line at the library with 5 people ahead of me for the third book. I think Richard Paul Evans is writing a book 4, don't be so sure about that.
     So, at my church, we are doing Operation Christmas Child, and I am heading it up. It is fun. I don't have that many boxes so far, but I have a few. I originally ordered 100 boxes that you have to fold yourself, and all of those are GONE!!! I then ordered 100 more, and not all of those are gone yet. If you don't know what OCC is, pretty much you just pack a box with school supplies, hygiene items, and other cool things, turn it in to a local church collecting them, and it gets sent out. And then, a boy/girl gets it, and then they get to do a 12-lesson workbook called 'The Greatest Journey' where they learn all about Jesus and Christianity, and then they graduate, and get a Bible in their language. Here's a link to a hilarious video featuring Si from Duck Dynasty.
Man, that is so funny. Here's a veggie tales one with Bob and Larry.

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