Sunday, March 3, 2013

Disney, bees, and drag racing

     We went to Disney a few weeks ago. Epcot was the first stop, and we saw half of it, then we went to Animal Kingdom, which was fun. I rode on Expedition Everest three times, once in regular wait, once in Fastpass wait, and once in single rider, because there was a HUGE group in the Fastpass wait. Then we went to Magic Kingdom, and then we saw the other half of Epcot. The last day, in Epcot, Mom had secretly booked the princess dining in Akerhaus (in Norway).
 This is a giraffe that we saw on Kilimanjaro Safaris in Animal Kingdom. Below, is some scones that I made for a bake sale.

This is an airplane made out of cans.
Here is the drag racing museum that we went to.

My sister and one of the cars at the museum.

Here we are all dressed up to go see some bees!

Can you find the queen bee?

 P.S. She's in the middle of the picture.

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  1. The queen bee is longer and a different color than the rest of the bees.