Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Even more stories

Yes, these are complete stories, Auntie. They have a beginning, middle, end, climax and resolution.

Best Friends
Once, there lived a puppy named Grace. Grace loved nice, friendly people who were kind to her. She lived with a stable hand in Scotland. Grace's old owners both died in 1432, so she had to live with the stable hand, Michael. When the two walked out to the stable, the horses were being noisy because they were hungry. In the feed bucket, there was no grain. Quickly, Michael walked out to the fields. Grace followed. Tirelessly, the horses were making an even bigger racket.
Grace was trotting ahead of Michael, and suddenly, she spotted a ferocious dragon. Fearlessly, the dragon shot fire at them, because he wanted them to go away. Outside the dragon's cave the two stood their ground. Grace noticed a thorn in the dragon's tail. The dragon, who realized that Grace was looking at something, remembered the painful thorn in his tail. Grace approached the dragon's cave.
The dragon sensed Grace's kindness, and let her gently pull the thorn out of his tail with her mouth. An hour later, the dragon noticed Michael carrying too many baskets of grain. He offered to help them, because Grace had helped him. They accepted his help. Carefully, they climbed on the dragon's back. The dragon flew them to the city gates, and flew away without a word. Inside of the stables, Michael fed the horses, who had stopped their racket, and were waiting patiently for their food. Grace always disappeared twice a day to visit the dragon, who had become her best friend.

To be Rewarded
There once was a very stubborn camel, who didn't enjoy carrying spices all the way from China to Europe. The camel's master led him across the Himalayas and across many rivers. Although the other trips didn't go wrong, one did, because the camel became very annoyed.

More on the camel one later, my fingers are sore. (I am typing this on my iPod.)

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